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No one wants to see employees leaving their organisation.  The costs involved can amount to as much as that person's annual salary.  These costs go beyond recruiting a new person.  They also include the time and money invested in training and developing the leaver. 

So it's important to ensure strategies are in place to retain employees.  Administering exit surveys to leavers will help formulate strategy by understanding the exact reasons people leave.  When pooled together patterns can quickly be identified and changes made to prevent further talent loss.


Our Exit Surveys:where are you going (110 x 110)

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Measure the key views of the leaver and the factors associated with their decision

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Are grouped to understand patterns in leaver reasoning

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Identify what your competitors are offering to attract your employees

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Make sure problems driving people from the organisation are identified and acted on


It is essential to understand the reasons employees are leaving your organisation. 

Give Sam Flynn a call now on 0845 671 0300 to discuss how an exit survey could help you retain your talent. 


The cost of an employee leaving your organisation can amount to as much as their annual salary

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