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Research has found that around 1 in 4 employees leave within the first 6 months of joining the company.  This has a huge impact on the organisation, including a break down in team performance and morale, and high recruitment and development costs. 

It's important that you understand why new employees are leaving so early into their employment.  Strategies can then be put in palce to make sure this doesn't continue. 


Our Induction Surveys:

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Measure the views of employees 2-3 months into their role 

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Review the ease of the recruitment process

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Measure the effectiveness of the induction process

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Reveal leaving intentions

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Take only 10 minutes to complete

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Make sure that new starters stay in the organisation


Any person you employ should become an asset to your company rather than a cost.  You need to make sure your new employees are effectively inducted and intend to stay with your organisation.

Give Sam Flynn a call on 0845 671 0300 to work out an induction survey solution for you.

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