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360° feedback of an employee considers the views of colleagues both up, down and sideways to give a complete 360° opinion.  This method of performance management gives an overall view of the employee and their performance within your organisation.  It is particularly effective in appraising the performance of your leaders.


 Our 360° Feedback Surveys:

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Are hosted online for ease and honesty of response

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Measure the competencies important to your organisation

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Allow for comparisons with the employee's self assessment to give a clear analysis of their strengths and weaknesses

Personnel Surveys Tick (20 x 25)Gives your organisation greater transparency of the performance of their employees leading to more relevant objectives


Performance management is vital in creating a high performing organisation.  Running these online is a simple, cost-effective solution for this.

For more information on running 360 feedback surveys within your organisation, give us a call on 0845 671 0300.

 Online 360 feedback offer cost effective detailed performance analysis

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