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Personnel Surveys is run by keen business psychologist, Sam Flynn.  Sam left her home, the beautiful Isle of Man, to study Psychology at Durham University and a Masters in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School, going on to win the Hatfield Prize for Organisational Psychology.  During her masters, Sam's focus was on statistics and, in particular surveying and testing. 

Sam has held several roles in the Human Resources field, particularly in surveying, testing and development.  She has tutored for the Institute of Leadership and Development and helped many people through development programmes. Her passion for statistics, surveying and testing hsa remained throughout, leading her to start Personnel Surveys in Manchester.


"My aim with Personnel Surveys is to help organisations use the valuable tool that is their employee survey to maximum effect.  When approached correctly, an employee survey can become a tool that helps organisations make money, which is why we're all in business after all!  They are great at showing exactly how much you care about your employees and how can you ever manage what you don't measure?!" 


Sam's statistical experience means surveys are approached from a very analytical standpoint, helping organisations to really understand their results and how actions can be put in place to improve on results and working environments.  She sees the importance of building long term relationships with clients, to understand their needs exactly.  As a result, the process does not end with the hand over of results and constant contact is held throughout the action planning stage and beyond.

For more information on how Personnel Surveys can help with your survey give Sam a ring now on 0845 6710300.

Looking forward to making your survey a success,

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"Personnel Surveys delivered a very professional and meaningful survey for our organisation.  They are approachable, easy to work with, and can tailor their surveys to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes."  Arawak Walton Housing Association, Manchester


Personnel Surveys is a trading name of SF2 Ltd. Company No. 07025466.

Registered address: 69 Milnrow Road, Shaw, Greater Manchester, OL2 8AL.

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